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Am I not beautiful?

Am i not beautiful camel Queen of the Desert

Tell me, am I not beautiful?

Not for nothing
do they call me
the Queen of the Desert.

The Pushkar fair
… is when
us ladies
are at our best.

Heavily lidded
kajolled eyes,
lashes delicate
and floating;
eyebrows are not
in fashion
but like your
society types,
with multi-pierced ears,
I had my nose
specially pierced,
to display
my gold heirloom noserings.

A regular regime
Fair and Lovely
and L’oreal Paris,
and I am ready
with Lovely folks
at the Fair.

Special neckwear,
brilliant nostrilwear,
a sand facial,
to get even fairer,
and I’ve been
the pout…

Did I just hear someone say,
“Angelina Jolie
Eat your heart out !…”

This post is from Suranga Daté who blogs at Strewn Ashes. Anything I say about Suranga would be an understatement. She is an extremely talented woman. She travels on a broom and has a magical wand of words. Show her a photo, situation or something similar, she does wonders to it. She wrote this beautiful poem instantly when she saw this photo of pouting camel. 😀

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