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Mumbai Heritage Walk

Mumbai Heritage Walk

So we walked.

On 13th March, 2016 over 100 cities across the globe walked in their respective cities and towns covering their respective heritage sites, singly or in groups.

Why not Mumbai then?



This was first time in Mumbai that a heritage walk was being organized under the goUnesco (#MakeHeritageFun) and I was invited to co-ordinate the efforts. I took it up as a challenge.
With some promotion on social media and help from friends, a small group of fellow heritage lovers gathered at Mumbai GPO. A bigger number had registered for the walk but I guess, waking up early on a Sunday is not everyone’s cup of tea. 😛 Nonetheless, we also had a Columbian guest with us who had landed in India just the day before.

The walk was about 4km and ended at CST.


Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Mumbai Heritage Walk




We wanted to make it a fun activity and decided on a few contests for the participants to win. Harper-Collins were kind enough to send us a few books which we could distribute to the winners.



The idea was, while we enjoyed the walk, we were also comparing notes and found that there was a plethora of information to be shared. So we decided on contests such as most knowledgeable in the group (of course the volunteers were excluded), best selfie, best photograph and in the end ‘Mumbai fort then and now’, a map puzzle.
Bombay fort was demolished in 1860 and from then on there have been construction boom in that area, which we still lovingly call ‘Fort’ area.

The walk was initially planned for 2 hours but went on for over 3 hours, just shows how each one of us enjoyed being part of the group. We also saw and discussed a few places which were not a part of itinerary.
There was so much bonding and camaraderie that we have already decided to meet again at a different place and doing different things. And some travel plans brewed as well. 😀

Do you love walking tours? What was your experience?

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57 thoughts on “Mumbai Heritage Walk”

  1. This is so awesome! I didn’t know these walks were happening, but I am so happy that you were able to take a leadership role and make one happen in Mumbai. Everyone looks so happy in the photos, and that’s awesome that there were prizes and (as we say in teaching), “gamification” of the experience. Hoping this trend will spread!

    1. Thank you so much.

      Yes, we all bonded so well right from the start. Didn’t look like we were strangers till that moment.

      I am planning to do more such walks in future. 🙂

  2. I had no idea this was day was happening! How did you learn about it? The architecture around the city looks incredible, but even better it sounds was bonding with friends and enjoying Mumbai. It would be great to have this even spread, with more local creating heritage walks.

    1. Oh here in India, most people are aware of it.
      It was a fun walk which all of us enjoyed a lot.

      Yes, we are spreading it. Will have more walks more frequently. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I love walking tours! The independence and flexibility is freeing, and they help use up some of the calories I typically consume during city visits. I have never traveled to India, but your photos of the beautiful architecture have piqued my curiosity. How cool that your group has plans to meet up again!

  4. I think it’s very cool you got to do a walking tour in your own hometown and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I had no idea UNESCO did these sort of walking and heritage tours so I will be on the lookout for more.

  5. Seems like an amazing event. I have never been to India but I plan to visit real soon!

    Congratulations also on the Yahoo video!

  6. That is a lovely idea and good grief, your photos are jumping off the page at me! Well done, really fabulous images plus I love that you included the 2 photos of the locals.

  7. Beautiful! I love walking tours. I was in Mumbai a few years ago, I wish I knew about the walking tours there, would have loved that experience. The architecture looks splendid and I am sure there is so much of history that will literally sweep us away 🙂

  8. Wow, The pictures says it all!! You guys looks so cheerful and seem to be having a gala of a time 🙂 Had done the Mumbai Heritage tour few months ago. It certainly gives you a glimpse into different and refreshing side of Mumbai

  9. Very nice! Not only did you have a great time, you took time to make it possible for those who were part of the walk & now we readers are benefited as well to looking at splendid pics and also become aware os such heritage walks.Thank you!

  10. I love walking tours! A wonderful way to meet new people, as you have here. Its great that you even had a quiz with books as prizes, what a fun way to learn from each other. 🙂 Great job organising!

  11. Visiting Mumbai for the last so many years but visiting it through you post was different experience.

    As usual great Post !

  12. A Heritage walk is such a great idea. We need that to happen more often which includes our kids. I took my son last Nov for a visit and he was amazed for he thought Mumbai was all about Malls 🙂

  13. Nisha, it was such a wonderful and eventful day. We had amazing time under your leadership and it was a splendid experience to know everyone from different walks of life. We are all still connected through common medium and hope to see more walks like these in coming future. Thank you once again

    Hussein R

    1. Thank you very much Hussein !
      Yes, we must have more walks and for people from all walks of life. 🙂

      Let me come back to my base and settle down. Will plan something.

      Before that we need to meet.

  14. Missed it! Was really looking forward to it, but my husband was travelling that morning for work and I had nowhere to leave my daughter. Contemplated bringing her but she’s a reluctant walker! Sounds like you all had a great time.

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