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Dear Mumbai

Dear Mumbai,

How are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you on every front.
Sitting here in another country, I miss you very much, my Mumbai.

VT station

I miss your chaoticness, your liveliness. And your rains too.

I don’t mind your unclean beaches, it is always better than staying in luxury hotels in Mumbai. The smell of the ocean is what I now yearn for. I miss eating paav-bhaji and bhel-puri at Juhu beach. Yesterday I had Häagen-Dazs ice-cream sitting in an air-conditioned upbeat restaurant but it is no match to licking an orange bar, strolling at your Juhu beach.

dear mumbai

For a change, I won’t mind your pot-holed roads, the humid weather or even the chaotic traffic. I miss the sound of a chugging train; miss the smell of sweat and miss the peak hour rush in local trains. That push, that rush for a seat and those hawkers in the train. Oh yes, those bhajan mandali as well.

I long for a weekend getaway to Mumbai and its southern part…. to even stay in 5 star hotels in Mumbai, to walk along Marine drive admiring the sunset or sitting leisurely at night to be with the restless waves.

I don’t have any of them here. Flamingos must have come, feasted and gone without saying Hello to me.
I miss the festive mood and the festival goodies, the chillness in the fresh morning air.

In short, I miss life.

I am looking forward to head to airport to meet you.

I know it’ll bring a big smile on my face the moment I touch your feet and as I write this, I am already smiling.
Looking forward to see you soon, I can stay in any upscale hotel in Mumbai.


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