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Mario de Miranda

The moment I entered the hall, I jumped with joy. There it was!! On the walls, on the tables, spread across three halls. The famous cartoonist Mario Miranda’s work!

mario miranda goa

Mario Miranda’s books on different themes.

Mario Miranda, one of the most familiar names in the field of Indian cartooning and illustration died a year and half ago leaving thousands of cartoons chronicling of daily life which had entertained and educated us. It looked like he had come alive.

souvenirs goa

Sketches & drawings on mugs, tiles and in frames.

Earlier, all my queries to find a museum, gallery or a shop where I could see the work of Mario Miranda went in vain when I received not so confident answers in Goa. I was told about a shop, which sells some souvenirs mugs, T-shirts, tiles etc., with his cartoons painted on them but that was not I was looking for.

I wanted to know about his life, his work, his travels, his inspirations and things like that. I wanted to peep into his life. Being a traveller himself, he has portrayed very well the daily life from places, be it Goa or Paris.

mario miranda goa

Sketches & drawings restored & displayed all over the walls.

And now I was standing in a hall in Reis Magos fort, and beaming with excitement ! Mario Miranda, the artist, who gave a little bit of Goa in our lives, was smiling at me.

Now I got a chance to imbibe the milieu that created the cartoons, graphic chronicles, characters analysis and visual commentaries on Goan life. There are well documented books on the table, set of compilations of Mario’s works on different themes. In fact, these are collector’s items to enter into the world of Mario Miranda.

Mario Miranda is alive thru his sketches.

mario miranda goa

The main entrance.

mario miranda goa

The famous piece – A day in Bombay.

mario miranda goa

One of the books on Display. Isn’t it a collector’s item?

Mario Miranda’s home was in a colony called Loutolim in Goa. A few years back, his friend Gerard da Cunha had created a private museum of Mario’s works adjacent to his home with exposed latterite stones, a special building material in Goa. We could not visit it due to lack of time, but if you happen to be in Goa next time, do visit the museum and let me know how it is.
A closer look would reveal that many stereotypes in Mario becomes a stand in character for the common man as in Laxman’s world who remains a silent witness to all the good, bad and ugly deeds.

Have you seen Mario Miranda’s work or any other cartoonist’s work? If not, when you go next time to Goa don’t forget to see his work. You can thank me later. 😀

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  1. This museum is very different from the other museums where you get bored very soon. Very refreshing.

    Lovely photos, I’ll go there next time.
    thanks for sharing this.

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