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Madanapalle Rishi Valley School

Last week I happen to visit Madanapalle Rishi Valley School on a short notice. Madanapalle is in Andhra Pradesh, 130 Kms from Bangalore. Also known as Shantiniketan of South India and The Ooty of Andhra, it is a lovely place to deserve a visit. Why ? Read on. 🙂

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Madanapalle Rishi Valley School

In all, it was a three day trip including one day in train. Well, when I am asked to accompany someone, I put my conditions sometimes. 😉
So while going it was my way of traveling (train, bus, autoricksha), the return was private taxi & airplane. Don’t ask me why I choose train over airplane, the reason being very simple.. most of the time I travel by air so whenever I get a chance I want to remain grounded.

It started on Saturday morning 6 AM. We went to VT station to catch Udyan Express to Bangalore. It was my first visit to VT station. Next morning at around 9:15 AM we reached Bangalore City station.

From Bangalore we had kept the options open for onwards journey. We were told that the best way to go to Rishi Valley is to hire a cab or take a deluxe coach from a certain bus stand called Kalasapalayam. But after reaching Bangalore, we found out that Kalasapalayam is around 5 Kms from the station and the private cabbies were asking for whopping Rs 3000.00 !! The reason ? Toll at Karnataka/ AP border being Rs 800.00.

Nonetheless, after having breakfast I literally forced my companions against their wishes to proceed towards State bus depot. I am always keen to see the interiors of any place (India or abroad) and the best way is to travel in the most commonly used means of transport. So was the case here also. The buses for Madanapalle ply every hour and to my surprise they were not that bad as I have seen some other state transport buses. We took the 11 AM bus. The route was Hoskote, Chintamani, and Madanapalle.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Madanapalle Rishi Valley School

The journey was quite comfortable. The bus was in good shape (better than BEST buses), good cushioned seats & no broken windows. The conductor had a ticket vending machine which gives a small printout of the ticket. For us, the sign language spoke. 🙂

While others fell asleep, my camera was giving me company. Clicked around 50-60 pictures in that period. It was nice to see some co-passengers like cocks/hen.

From Madanapalle, Rishi Valley School is another 16 Kms towards Anantpur for which we had to take an autoricksha for RS 150.00 as no cab was available.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Madanapalle Rishi Valley School

Rishi Valley School The school, a modern Gurukulam is founded by Shri Jiddu Krishnamurthy. I should say I was very fortunate to get a real insight into the system of education followed in the school.


The over 350 acres school surrounded by majestic hills with a view of plush green valleys, looks like a self-contained village. It is said that the wonderful location was hand-picked by the founder himself. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and a visit to the school is like taking a vacation in some exotic hill station.

The two aspects that impressed me are that there are no day scholars in the school and so everyone is on equal grounds and the other one is that all the teachers live in the campus. In all, there are around 320 students and 60 teachers. With teacher-student ratio at 1:5, you can very well imagine what kind of attention each student gets. The students live in two-storied houses and for every five students there is one house patron.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Madanapalle Rishi Valley School

There are many teachers who are RV products themselves. No school uniform, no fear of teachers, just happy learning, I wish I studied there.

The classes are not always conducted in class rooms…one can see groups of students and a teacher seated under trees, on stone benches or on long steps that are fixed here and there. Many times teachers are invited from other countries as well.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Madanapalle Rishi Valley School

Importance of recycling and use of biodegradable material is not just a text book topic there and the use of plastic and polythene bags are prohibited.. I was wondering how the kids follow it in a positive way without complaining.

Wild life preservation, environmental awareness, appreciation of nature, kindness to animals are areas which are emphasized upon. Even the snakes that are found commonly are caught and taken away to be left loose in a remote area.

It has its own dairy farm, own ‘dhobi-ghaat’, a swimming pool, a few tennis courts, 2 large sized playgrounds.


This is one of the playgrounds Rishi Valley School at Madanapalle.
More on Madanapalle in my next post. For more on Rishi Valley School, read here.

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121 thoughts on “Madanapalle Rishi Valley School”

  1. Wow, that sounds like such a nice school – only sad part of a gurukul or a barding school is that the children have to stay away from parents. But surely the quality of education what they provide at such a place must be awesome. Sometimes, I just wish I could go back to school again!

  2. Ranjeet,
    I remember my school days quite often these days. First that summer tag & now this.

    Yeah, sad part is living away from parents but I could see that the children were quite content. And they become quite independent & disciplined also.

    I really liked it. It is not that they have to contain themselves from the outer world. I could see children exchanging CDs. So, nothing different from city children.

    And if elder students are preparing themselves through some coaching classes in B’lore, RV school takes them by school bus on such weekend day trips.

  3. Seriously, such schools are a test of “concentration”, given how many distractions there are… Wonder whether that’s why the
    aashrams were placed in such picturesque locations 😉

  4. Gil,
    Yes, one day in train !! India is almost the size of whole of Europe so no wonder about the long train journeys.
    Also, the trains generally are not as fast as any European trains.

  5. I studied there and the place is unique, the memories linger for a life time. If you get a second visit, do spend some more time there.

  6. I used to attend R.V., it truly was a place of happy learning. The only sad thing is that once one graduates from there, its very difficult to move on because theres no place like it.

  7. I studied in RV as well. It isn’t a “gurukul” – a common mistake that a lot of people make when talking about it. It follows the ICSE Board. There is no religious education at all, nor any proselytizing on Krishnamurti’s teachings. It is probably the best boarding school this country will ever see.

  8. BTR,
    Thank you.

    Thank you. Even I liked the classroom. 😉

    Oh Really ?? Then why don’t you write on it sometime ? It’ll be great to know a first hand experience.

    Welcome to my nest. Hmmm.. but then doesn’t it teaches you other values of life ? It’s a happy learning, right ? I wish I studied there.

    Welcome to my nest. You are fortunate if you’ve studied in such school.
    Yes, I am aware of the ICSE syllabus. The ‘Gurukul’ word was mentioned to us by the staff there and I never meant it promotes religious activities.

    Yes, I agree with you on it being the best boarding school, only drawback we were told by the teachers & principal was that if a student is seeking good Engg/medical line as career, s/he might find it difficult to clear the competitive exams. However, for other branches like arts/music etc there is no problem.

  9. Wow, that sounds like such a nice school – only sad part of a gurukul or a barding school is that the children have to stay away from parents. But surely the quality of education what they provide at such a place must be awesome. Sometimes, I just wish I could go back to school again!

  10. Dashrath,
    Welcome here. Yes, same here. Being there even for a day was a different experience altogether.

    Thanks for your visit, keep coming.

  11. I would like to gain admisssion for two kids aged 9 years to Class 3. could you please let me know the admission procedure and the cost of boarding two kids in your school.

    Appreciate your reply soon

  12. Liz,
    Welcome here and I am glad that you asked query for your kids’ admission in the school though I am not the correct person to ask. 🙂

    I am also replying to you thru mail giving all the details.

  13. Hi,
    i would like to gain admission for 1kid, 9 yrs to class3, plz let me know the admissions fees and procedure.

  14. Abinaya,
    Welcome here, glad that you posted your query here.
    I have already mailed you with details, check your inbox.

    Thanks for coming here.

  15. Hello Sir,
    Hope u had a good trip. Wat made me to visit this site is, my friend called me asking lets go 4 Madanapalle for weekend to meet his girlfriend. So i just wanna check the other places in n around. Now i will make this out good by visiting the place 2maro
    Thanks for the info provided

  16. Hi,

    I’m from England.
    I spent six months teaching in a village around 1/2 km away from Rishi Valley School. the village was Thettu in a schools name was Sadhana Vidya Nillayam. The owner of the School was the son of the original pottery teacher at RV. It was eight years ago now. As far as I’m aware the School no longer exists but I was just looking for pictures of the area on-line and came across your article. I used to enjoy walking through the grounds of RV and talking to the very friendly pupils. I just wanted to say that your article brought back very fond memories of a beautiful part of India.

    Best Wishes,


  17. S. Kiran Kumar,
    I had written you with details, I am not the right person for this.

    Sir ??? Errr… what, there he goes wrong. 😛

    I am pleased that I could give you info for you guys. Keep coming.

    I had written to you the day you commented here.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Much appreciated.

    visited the site. Thank you for the link.

    Thank you.

    I’ll check it right away.

    Thank you.

  18. Very nice to see your interest in Rishi Valley.. it is a place i’d really like to visit.. were you/ can we meet J Krishnamurthy on a visit to the the school/ his foundation?

  19. VK,
    Welcome to my blog and yes, you can definitely visit the place.

    Is the information given by me sufficient or do you want some more. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Unfortunately, we can not meet Mr Krishnamurthy as he is no more. But the school is in good hands.

    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment. Keep coming.

  20. I studied in RV (and loved it). In response to the comment that students wanting to get into Engineering or Medicine might find it difficult to clear the exams…a bunch of my classmates (and kids from other batches before and after me) went on to become engineers and doctors and I don’t know of any that didn’t pass their exams.

  21. Not sure if I want my children to study in this school. Given today;s climate one need skills and money making ability. sounds like an airy fairy sort of place.

  22. I am on the look out for a good boarding school. My uncle, has suggested me to have a look at your Rishi Valley BANGALORE site.

    Can you please send me all the relevant details at the earliest at my email id: [email protected]



  23. @Sathyavrath – to each his own. May your children get the skills needed for making a lot of money.

    As for me, my son goes to RVS. He is very happy, of course sad that he is not with his parents, but still very happy. I hope he becomes a good citizen of the world and he gets skills to find peace with his success and his failure.

  24. Dear all Ex students of RVS , it is absolutely correct that in market this school is known more as social and envrmnt teaching school where pass outs are either FIT for NGO or WTO . They are unable to adjust themselves in competitive world and even dont clear entrances of serious carrier like Doctor / Engg / Accounts . I am thinking to put my daughter in since nothing is more imp in my life than nature / earth but at the same time I want my daughter to be competent enough after passing out that she can join the services of her choice n not only NGO etc . Is any Ex student guide me that is RVS gives same opportunity and students are competent to go in any field ?? Will be really thankful to have your comments .

  25. Sanjay,
    Thanks for your visit here.

    Yes, you can go ahead of your plans. Have you read all the comments here ? I am mailing you some details.

    Keep coming.

  26. Thanks Cuckoo, only after reading comments here I sent u last message and would like that some Ex RVS student reply my doubts . Is any one there ? Sanjay

  27. Great going through it. we were looking for views in this school. we have applied for admission for our son in class IV this year. we are just praying that he gets admission. Can any one tell me? how is interviews conducted? Is it difficult to get through?

  28. ‘interviews’ in all krishnamurty foundation schools are a very relaxed affair – not like regular schools at all. they call it a 2 way process of ‘mutual selection’ and not an ‘admission’. children are not tested as per any syllabus – but they just see basic proficiency in english and maths.

    when you arrive – first there is an “ice-breaker” session with the children – who are allowed to do anything they like in the hall – ie play with toys, draw pictures etc – when the teachers come around and engage them in a general chat about what they like, how’s their current school, why would they like to change – if at all etc. then – they are given general tests in a totally no-pressure and non-threatening atmosphere.

    pre-lunch parents and the kids are taken on a guided tour of the school.

    post lunch – the interview process happens with the parents and the child, when again they try to assess their “preparedness” for an uncoventional school. the aspiration of parents (re: achievements of the child). what were the factors that led to their considering the school etc.

    so overall a very ‘cool’ process. nothing to get worried about – if you really beileve in the krishnamurty style of education.

    all the best,


    ps: check my blog “Back to School” @

  29. Dear Sandip, thanks for great info , are from this school or your kids are in , I am quite worried that when kids are passed away is there are acadamically strong to clear competitive papers or emphasis is is only on environment / social responsibnility . Pls help .. My daughter will have interview soon ..

  30. We are looking for school like this for our son. I come from a hill station. I get so worked up with life and the rat race of inhuman nature in major metros today. i want my son to get the pleasure of being close to nature and at the same time get good education. so i believe this is the right place for what we are looking for. And my son too is excited about the idea. His only problem is, hes a total non vegetarian. so keeps on talking about how its going to be like, to be a vegetarian.

  31. our daughter is a hard-core non-vegetarian. but she had no problem in adjusting to the food – tho’ she makes up for it ‘over-time’ when she’s back home for the holidays. actually, i think being vegetarian the school is able to provide a greater variety and nutritionally balanced menu – which other school with non-veg diet can’t afford due to cost-constraints.

  32. Ms Manju r u sure that this school is acdamically strong that ours kids will be able to claer the competitive papers after schooling ?

  33. Sandeep ,
    You r correct .when we went there we got a good and very tasty dinner with variety of dishes and the next day an excellent breakfast. The whole members of that crew was very dedicatd. Very clean mess and one think that very interesting i felt that all the students and the member should clean their own plates and glasses. Kids will learn some good manners and they will be a responsible person. I think if kids will grow up with a healthy and peaseful life if in the begining they will be able to live in a competitive world.

  34. Evrythings fine. I just hope that my son gets admission. We are leaving this weekend for the Test.We are planning to see Madanpalle and
    horsely hill. Any feedback on Horsely hill?

  35. I am sure our kids will become good humans needed to be today. Moreover, i think we need to do our part honestly and sincerely 100% and rest is in Gods hand. We cannot change the fate, whatsoever.

  36. Ms Malini, trust u already attended the interview , pls do share with us that how it went , what all is being asked to your kid and n you . My daughter is very excited for this school .

  37. hi sanjay

    We reached there at 4 pm . The next day we met the officials .The exams was fine .Only english and maths .Most important that the teachers are very helpful to give us any guidance and students are very much happy and cheerful. I think the this is the important thing that we can see a cheerful smile in everyones face. We can feel “tension free” atmosphere for the new ones. The only valuable thing that we can give us our child is education.

  38. Hi All,
    This post has become like a forum. I am quite happy. 😀

    I’ll see how I can put together all the information in one place for people like you.

    Thank you very much for all your support and enhancing this site.

  39. Ms Malini , many thanks for taking out time , just few more questions , what all they questioned you and your son ? And is Maths , Eng was the written test ? Sorry was taking your precious time .

  40. hi’
    if ur kid is in grade 5 they will ask only from grade 5 portions. yes it was written exam. don’t worry about the exams , and it will be all right. all the best for new ones.

  41. Hi, We are just back and as Malini says it was a relaxed environment and the kid already cannot stop talking about the experience. The tests he says were fairly simple and he had fun interacting with the teachers and other students. We spend time going around the school and to tell you the truth after visiting Rishi Valley in person, you dont feel like sending your kid to any other school, We felt that its one of the best life changing experiences which can happen to an individual. We spend a couple of days at Horsley hills too, lovely place provided you are laid back and do not beleive in a choc co block schedules.

    Take care and all the best.

  42. Manju Rai,
    I am glad you and your kid liked the school. Also for sharing your experience of the place.

    All the experiences are proving to be same again & again what I have said initially.

    I would like to know from someone who did not like the school or anything about it. 🙂

  43. Ms Manju Ji , many thanks for sharing your experince. What they asked you and your son in interview ? It will be great if you can share same , my daughter is very shy and I have to prepare her . Your reply will really help her .

  44. Sanjay,
    Relax !! 🙂

    Don’t get tensed. Your daughter will do good. Don’t over feed her or make her tense. Teachers there know how to bring out the best in shiest of children.

    Also, I don’t think it’ll be ethical to share questions.

  45. Yes Manju Ji u r absolutely correct it is will not be ethical , I never thought from this point of view . Do u know that when they will annouce result and when session will start ? This is my last question to u . Thanks for all your help .

  46. I went to Rishi Valley twice in recent times. First time in october,2008 to see the place and second time for the interview of my son, in Feb,2009. I am really impressed by the way the school is managed and the beauty of the place. My son is trying for class four and we are from Assam. Is he too young for a boarding school? Is it too far? Is there any body who can give me some advice?

  47. Dhruba,
    Welcome here.

    No, your child is not very young for a boarding school though I personally feel that class five should be the right time. It also depends on how independently your child does his work.

    No doubt, initially he will miss his parents and familiar surroundings but the teachers there at Rishi Valley are experts. They are trained to deal with all kind of students and he will not be alone. There would be a whole lot of new children taking admission and they are groomed to become part of a big family.

    And since he is going to be in hostel, I don’t think he is too far from you. 🙂


  49. Do you know about the Sahayadri School ? If my son does not get admission in R.V., can I try in Sahayadri? What is the quality of faculty? Is it comparable to that of R.V? I’ll be grateful to any body who can guide me in this regard.

  50. Sandip , in your initial mails you never talked about Sahyadri school n I always thought that you are talking about Rishi VALLEY , have u ever visited Rishi Valley and do you think that Sahyadri is equally good with faculty and other infrastructure , same kind of exposure , guest lectures etc . Have gone through your blog but same have more nature description rather school and why your first choice was Sahyadri , due location or any otehr reason ? Thanks to guide us on Sahyadri .

  51. Mr Sanjay,
    Interview was a relaxed affair. As my son says they were asked normal what is taught in their school. It was basic Maths and English, both written and verbal.
    And Thanks to all you guys. Our son got the admission.

  52. Dhruba Chakrabortty

    Our son did not get admission in Rishi Valley but they recommended him for admission in Sahyadri School without any further interview. Accordingly we admitted him in Sahyadri. Thanks everybody particularly author and Sandip for valuable suggestions.

  53. Dear Dhruba , how you find Sahyadri , now when you have visited both schools , faculty oif which is better and ambiene ?

  54. i am studying in 10th cbse and next year i want to join RV.i aspire for civil the school a right choice,if so what about the admission formalities?in the written exam what will they ask if i want to take history,civics and economics?

  55. Dear Sanjay
    Sahyadri is also very beautiful place.Relatively new-so looks modern.Smaller than Rishi Valley.Most of the employees can speak Hindi as well.Relatively younger staff—a young & energetic Principal who knows most of his(perhaps all) students by name–amazing!I don’t know about the faculty too much but must be quite good—feed back from the parents of existing students is very good

  56. Dhruba,
    Around a month back, I had written to you on the mail-id you have given here. I think you haven’t read it till now. Please do so, I am awaiting your reply.


  57. sahyadri and rishi valley are not schools for either over-anxious parents and over-competitive kids. you need to be a little ‘chilled out’ to both enjoy and make the most of the atmosphere and the Krishnamurty system of education.

    happily – even the new HRD Minsiter (Kapil Sibal) has recognised the benefits of bringing up children in a “non-pressure” environment and contemplating doing away with Class 10 ICSE/SSC examinations.

    you can follow – what’s going on at Sahyadri from their twitter feed –

    it will give you an idea of what such schools are all about…

  58. Dhruba Chakrabortty

    I beg your apology-perhaps the mail got deleted . Can you please write once more in the new e-mail id. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience.
    With regards

  59. Hi there!
    I have a close friend who went to Rishi Valley and loved it. As have various extended relatives. At present, my kids are in school in the US. But I am not happy with schooling generally, whether in India(where they attended school for the past 5 yrs) or in the US. It’s all geared towards testing and memorization and mainly ends up being an endurance period of life. I want children to think creatively, co-operatively and with consideration for themselves, others and our world. I have the impression that this school will foster such thinking? The tough part is that they will be in hostel …I’m curious to know if kids from other countries/abroad are enrolled here? More the exposure to other cultures and peoples, the better for all. Anyone in a similar position?

  60. @Sneha,
    Could you pls write why you do so?

    @Madhu Babu,
    Yes, children from other countries are also enrolled in this school. They even have some faculty members from abroad from time to time.
    As this post suggests, there is a very good ratio of student/teacher and the kids feel at home. Teachers eat with them and the same food is given to all.

    Had I had any choice, I would have sent my child in this school too.

    So, do not worry on that part.

  61. Nisha,
    Thanks for your input! I will try to visit the school in the next few months. My kids will be in the 8th & 9th in 2011, for when I’m thinking of Rishi Valley. It’s a good and bad age to be away from parents, if you know what I mean?

  62. Madhu babu

    You will get all informations regarding admission in the web site It is relatively difficult to get admission in class VII and IX as these are not regular entry points in this school.One can get admission only if there is vacancy. Their regular entry points are class IV, VI and VII. Ther is another KFI-school near Pune– Sahyadri School, According to their web site they offer limited seats for class VIII students. Class IV,V,VI&VII are regular entry points. So plan accordingly

    Dhruba Chakrabortty

  63. Madhu Babu

    There is a mistake. Please read the second sentence as ‘It is relatively difficult to get admission in class VIII and IX ……………

    Dhruba Chakrabortty

  64. Thank you Dhruba for the information. I am hoping to visit Jan- Feb and will call them too. I don’t like “using pull” , the “I know someone” etc but I heard that might be necessary. I’m hoping that it’s not so … if it is then, philosophically, a turn off about the school. The Pune school would be too far away for family members to get to, specially when I’m out of India. There are centres in B’lore & Chennai, affiliated/same school. I will look into those too. Thank you again.

  65. i think this is da best school in india….me and my sis are applying for it dis tym for 8th and 5th…..i wanted to know if there are any bullying or stuff lyk dat….anyways i hope we’ll be in rv the next year..!!!!!!

  66. Hi, I was thinking of my son to attend this school’s XI and XIIth grades as an international student. Though am a bit sceptic on the tests results, if he would make them successfully since Eng and math would be challenging for him to pass due to different education curriculum in my home country and India. Would appreciate any word of advise on math questions being asked during testing. We have sometime for my son to take individual math classes in my homecountry, so by the testing time he would be more prepared to take the exam… Thanks a lot! Isolda

  67. We have been to Rishi Valley and to Sahyadri. Both the schools are amazing. We tried for our daughter’s admission in class 6th Sahyadri but she couldn’t make it. We are now trying Rishi Valley. Can someone help us with the preparation we should make for the admission test/interview at Rishi vally?

  68. Interesting article.
    I too have visited Rishi Valley and it was love @ first sight. It is my favourite place on the globe.
    Truly one of the best schools in the world.
    I would suggest one should attend the morning prayer sessions in the school auditorium. Children chanting Sanskrit slokas is a treat to the ears, peace to the mind.
    J Krishnamurti, the founder, was undoubtedly the most intelligent human being and his teachings contain untold treasure, enlightening quality..

  69. M K Govind,
    Thank you.

    I am glad that you liked the article and the school is favorites among many people. I could not attend the morning prayers, probably next time when I head there. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience.

  70. Nisha,

    Thanks for your post. I had a chance to read the post on admission procedure too, guess we’ll just go with the flow. Will keep you posted on how it turns out. Thanks for your help.

    I quite like it here.

  71. Namaste Everyone,
    Can someone pls tell me what is the cost of following in Madanapalle:
    1. Cost of renting apartment or house
    2. water and electricity bill
    3. public transport (metro, bus or auto, taxi)
    4. monthly household grocery
    5. average price for bread, butter, milk, eggs, kg of meat
    6. fees to visit a doctor

    Kind Regards,

  72. Good morning,
    Can somebody pls answer my questions? I am coming from Canada to teach English at Madanpalle hopefully.


  73. Subhash,
    I suggest you ask the school authorities. I am sure, they’ll be able to help you.

    As far as I know there are many resident teachers in the campus.

  74. I’m a parent of two boisterous boys aged 10 and 4.We have been researching about good bording schools for my elder one who is in grade 6 in Hyderabad Public School .We are not at all happy with the pressure the child is going through .Although the school is known to encourage all round development of a child, I f eel it is still too much stress on children and also they have no time left to pursue any hobby .Forget about a hobby, my child who used to be a voracious reader hardly gets time to read these days which is really beginning to worry us.Also I feel every child is different and this stress may eventually become the reason for an aversion towards studies for some of them.It is beginning to give us nightmares.

    I started my research in the net for good residential schools which are able to strike a balance between academics and all round development of a child and came across Rishi Valley however its been a dream killer when I found abt the fee structure. 3 lakhs per annum! How can a middle class family afford this fee? Would anybody here be able to throw some light on the fee structure. I thought the fee structure of the school goes against it philosophy. This would mean only kids who belong to affluent families are able to attend such a beautiful system of learning.Very disappointed.I feel like saying not fair.Maybe its just a case of sour grapes for me. 🙁

  75. Mariyam,

    I can tell you that Rishi Valley school is not like any other school which doesn’t allow children to grow properly.

    About the fee structure, I am not updated with the latest but I guess it includes the hostel fees & meals as well.

    Teachers eat the same food with the children sitting at the same table and that, in a way, assures you of a quality food! 😀

    If you can manage somehow, in my opinion, this is one of the best schools in India.

  76. Hi,
    I will be seeking admission to Sayadri school, pune for my daughter in 4th grade. I have a few questions in mind which I would be really glad to find an answer to by ex-students, ex-parents or current ones.
    1. Does the school allow parents and child a visit or a campus tour prior to applying for the admit?
    2. You know, once you have mentally prepared yourself and the child that you want to get through this wonderful school and then the admission is rejected, its a let-down. So, how do you actually go through this entire admission process? What is the ratio of selected to rejected candidates?
    3. If you don’t get through one year, does it benefit to keep re-applying every other year?
    4. Also, if the intake is only 35 students per year…. isn’t that tough to get through?
    5. Is the admission process experience similar to the ones most parents face getting into mainstream Mumbai schools … which is really sad and depressing!!!

    I have no doubt that the school is good and will add value to my child. So, am looking forward to as much input as possible so that the admission is seamless.


    1. Hi Anushka,

      You have 5 questions. I will try to answer the ones I know of and hope somebody else replies to others.

      1. Yes, the school allows a visit to the campus prior to applying. As I have mentioned in some other article, you can even stay there for a night in their guest house to get a feel. But you need to book the guest house beforehand.

      4. They believe in quality, not quantity. At 1:5 teacher/student ratio they aspire to give maximum attention to each child. Hence intake of less no. of students.

      5. No, the tests are very simple, not like the ones we have in Metro cities. 🙂

  77. Wow, that sounds like such a nice school – only sad part of a gurukul or a boarding school is that the children have to stay away from parents. But surely the quality of education what they provide at such a place must be awesome. Sometimes, I just wish I could go back to school again!

  78. Hi,
    I want my son to study in the rishi Valley school. I have few questions
    1. Will this school help him prepare for competitive exams after XII.
    2. What are the choice of subjects after class X.

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