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Kerala adventures and stupid Adam!

Kerala adventures and stupid Adam!

After attending the ICTT (International Conference on Travel Technology) India which was held in Trivandrum, I was privileged to be invited on a tour of Kerala.
We were a small group of four (two Australians, Adam & Selina and two Indians, myself & Suresh). An Innova car with driver was assigned to us for the entire trip. The first stop out of Kovalam to spend a day was in Kumarakom.

How to reach there?
On a houseboat!
There is only one way to get to the resort Coconut Lagoon… .. over the water. 😀

houseboat backwater

Yes Selina, let this photo session end, then you can attack the Papaddams. 😛

The owner of Lake View Houseboats himself welcomed us in his air-conditioned houseboat. Perfect for a couple, the houseboat has a cozy bedroom, fancy bathroom & a gorgeous living area with sofa & dining set. I want to come back here again to spend at least a night on this boat.
I have taken a video which I’ll upload soon.

After a sumptuous lunch on-board & a joyful ride we reached the resort. We instantly fell in love with it! All of us! It deserves a separate post.

coconut lagoon

View from my cottage. The lake is in the background. Would you ever want to leave such place?

That night we saw M Kannan dance again at the resort & he also recognized us. We had a chance to interact with him as well.
We enjoyed our stay at the resort, with Ayurveda massages, pool, drinks, surroundings and much laughter.
Next day a boat took us to a jetty from where we were to proceed in our car.

Stupid Adam- One of the speakers and now a friend Adam Franklin didn’t see his bag in the boat & enquired. The bag had already reached the jetty on an earlier boat, he was informed.
When we reached the jetty, there was no sign of his suitcase. We called the reception to let them know, it was not the case and that, they should send it by next boat. Apparently the man on duty at the jetty also didn’t know anything. Few phone calls to various people amidst confusion told us that the bag had indeed reached there but was now missing and no one knew its whereabouts. Some more queries from nearby shops, co-coordinators yielded no fruit. All this while it rained.

Worried as we would be, thinking of the worst, I asked Adam if there was anything valuable in his suitcase.
“All my important papers including passport, money & Credit cards.”


I looked at him. He wasn’t kidding. Shorts, flip-flops, sunshades and chewing gum… he didn’t have anything else on him.


By looking at him, nobody could say that he was in trouble. He was as cool as a cucumber. We were the ones who were panicking !
When he was told of the consequences, he called himself stupid. Yes, I agree with him on this. 🙂

To cut it short, finally after two hours we could trace Adam’s bag to another vehicle of delegates that had left earlier to the same destination where we were headed to.
Here you can see him enjoying the elephant shower. 😀

No, I haven’t stolen…. the copyright of this video is very much with Adam. 🙂

On the same day on way to Thekkady we stopped somewhere to buy water etc. A Santro bumped into our stationary car from behind. After some nuisance, the driver of Santro offered Rs 500/- to our driver for the damages and the policeman on duty insisted that it was worth accepting instead of filing a complaint!

local cuisine

Plastic spoons, banana leaf and loads of fun at a roadside joint.

Reaching Munnar along windy roads through mist & fog was challenging, at least to me. It was already dark and raining heavily. I was sitting in the front and I could barely see anything on the road. The speed limit was 40 KM/hour and we were driving at less than 20! Must appreciate the driver Unni’s skills. It had taken around 5 hours to travel 140km.

fishermen kochi

Fishermen at work.

Cochin was the last stop on our itinerary from where we flew back to our respective places. I had wonderful company, thanks to Selina Power, Adam Franklin and Suresh Babu.
You can also read Adam’s account of the trip here.

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19 thoughts on “Kerala adventures and stupid Adam!”

  1. With my roots in Goa, born and brought up in Kerala, settled in Tamilnadu..and a number of places in between.. have seen life and lived in many States.:)

  2. Kerala is such a beautiful place, and such a long time since I was there. I notice stupid Adam hasn’t chosen to defend himself in your comments haha.

    It’s a shame your site doesn’t support other versions of CommentLuv, but hey I’m happy to comment regardless. 🙂

  3. Stupid Adam (@Franklin_Adam)

    Hi Nisha,

    That blog post lets me relive how much fun we had in Kerala!

    I’m so pleased you reminded me of my stupidity 😉 Leaving all my valuables in an unattended suitcase was quite a silly thing for me to do! Ha ha thankfully it ended up ok!

    Thanks for embedding the elephant shower video too.

    (Stupid) Adam

  4. Loved the photographs you posted. Kerala’s natural beauty and greenery makes it a worth visit place for the travelers. I visited Kerala during my honeymoon and it is my ever memorable trip. Above all Alleppey Houseboats are breathtaking.
    Keep up the good work and do share more lovely posts 🙂

  5. Hii Nisha
    I am Rishab Shukla Kerala is a very beautiful place. there are Many things in Kerala. There are many seas in Kerala there is famous coconut.
    Rishab Shukla

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