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Images from the God’s own country

As you know I was invited to the ICTT (International Conference on Travel Technology) India which was held in Trivandrum. After the conference the delegates were shown different places of Kerala and their beauty.

I’ll write about the Indian adventures on the road in a separate post. 🙂 We were a group of four (2 Australians and 2 Indians).

Meanwhile, I take you to the God’s own country through these photos.

Lush green velvety hills were a treat to our eyes.

It rained throughout our journey and there were very few photo ops for us but not to worry. A good company is what matters more than anything.

Munnar tea plantations. Rain soaked hills.

What will you call it? 🙂 Paradise?

View from my cottage. You would not want to leave such surrounding and ambience.

Ottan thullal dancer

The famous Chinese nets.

Away from the Chinese nets a lone fisherman tries his luck one more time.

Reaching and leaving a resort in a boat has its own happiness.

That’s the way!

Kerala beaches are one of the finest in the country

Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Solitude is a bliss.

For more photos of Kerala, visit my Facebook travel page.

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21 thoughts on “Images from the God’s own country”

  1. Rachel,
    These are tea plants, normally of waist height.
    We can’t get under them I guess but yes, if we want to hide, it’s a good place. 😛

    Kneel down and sit, nobody can find you in such vast area. 😀

  2. Hello Guys..
    Nice blog.. Good job.. Interesting post. Kerala is a lovely place to plan your next vacation. Thank you so much for the information. It’s a great post…I love travelling and want to travel all over the world. Explore new places, adventurous things and many more. And photographs are just amazing. Keep writing !!!

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