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Vipasana Center

Vipasana Center

Third day- We never had in our schedule to visit Sula Vineyards when we had left Mumbai for Igatpuri. Our plan for third day was to visit Vipasana center and go back to Mumbai. It was on the breakfast table on third day of our stay that we suddenly decided to visit this world famous Vineyards as well.
Since it was decided quite late, around 10 o’clock, by the time we checked out of the hotel, it was well above 11 AM. This is what happens when one travels in a group, however small it is. Decisions have to be made in keeping everybody in mind.

First we drove to Vipasana center. It is also known as Vipasana International Academy.

The main person who could give us some information about entering the center was not available. At the reception while waiting for him we watched a detailed one hour program on a projector.

This meditation center offers meditation techniques, which relieve stress and promote inner peace and spiritualism. During Vipasana courses one follows the basic precepts of Buddhism: abstaining from killing, sex, intoxication, stealing and lying. The technique of Vipasana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses. One is not allowed to speak to fellow students, but a student can speak to a teacher when necessary.

There are no charges for the courses – not even to cover the cost of food and accommodation. All expenses are met by donations from people who have completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipasana. Normally everybody who comes out of the center donates a moderate sum.

This Stupa is inside the campus. See the clear sky.

The main gate.

The ceiling of main gate. Looks so rich & beautiful.

By the time the main person came it was lunch time for inmates, and nobody is allowed inside during that period. Since it was getting late, we headed towards Sula vineyards. I promised myself to visit this place again. I’ll probably opt for the course someday. The queue for opting the course is normally six month long.
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22 thoughts on “Vipasana Center”

  1. Hail Dhamma !!

    Gate of Myanmar…and ceiling pic is amazing…they say that vibration is quite strong there.

    Even on my agenda – To do – most probab in June…however in Dharamsala…!So recounting of wines is still left…lol…hmmm very smart…lol…

  2. Prashanth,
    Thanks. I also love it.

    Oh so you are aware of the place ?

    So recounting of wines is still left…lol…hmmm very smart…lol….. Ha Ha.. I was waiting for you to go away. 😉

    abstaining from killing.. I guess they won’t allow me to kill even a cockroach :((

    Thank you once again.

    Thank you. Yes, but the inmates always donate something after completing the course.
    You are most welcome. Come to India. :))

    Yes, the front gate is very impressive. It is in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin and the course is taught by S N Goenka.

  3. 10 days without talking to anybody? Big deal… I did that this December when my roomie was out of town and college was out of session 😉

  4. Mridula,
    Yes, that’s the minimum period of wait.

    You might have spoken to your parents over the weekend or to someone in the library. Here everything is banned.

    No newspapers, TV, mobile phones.. complete cut-off from outer world and remember, one needs to sit for 11 hours a day for meditation. Tough indeed.

  5. Just give me a laptop and I am on my way 😉

    Failing all that, it is very tough. Especially that abstaining from killing part when you are frust.

  6. Nice photo of the ceiling – liked it! I think Vipasana works mostly because of the silence that they practice. I also think that it will act as a great stress reliever and a nice break from the city life we live. It’s just that I don’t know how to survive for 10 days without talking that stops me from enrolling. 🙂 Nice post, liked it – keep writing, Cuckoo.

  7. No re! Long ago I had attended two 10 days meditation courses there :-)….now I don’t practice! 🙁

    My hometown is Palghar…near Dahanu

  8. me n a friend went to Pune center for the 10day course last yr… wanted to go to Igatpuri, but our dates dint match…. maybe next time we wanna do it, we will wait for opening here…

    looks woww, beautiful..seen it only on the video we were shown at the end of the course!! 🙂

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