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A five star inn in Jaipur City Centre

It was the boxing-day and we could see that Christmas mood was still there at the Holiday Inn Jaipur. There was a 10 foot Christmas tree at the main door itself announcing proudly that it was still Christmas season. On entering we found an atrium as high as the building itself, all of seven storeys and from the top was a bunch of green string-lights arranged in a conical form giving a feeling of a 100-foot Christmas tree and below were several reindeer pulling their cart containing one of the biggest gingerbread house we had seen.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Holiday Inn Atrium and Reindeers pulling the Gingerbread house

Located around 5km from both railway station and the old Jaipur city, Holiday inn
certainly knows how to celebrate festivals!

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
The living room of the suite

ROOMS: After spending a few minutes chatting with reception folks, we were escorted to our room. Again, a suite! Wow! This is becoming quite a habit, hehe. Being located in the new city centre, the view from the room was that of the huge main road.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Kingsized bed in the Bedroom

There are 172 rooms, from even the smallest room of 320 square feet to the largest, the King Executive suites, 6 in number, spread over a living room and a King size bed room. The bath room area itself was quite big, with an adequate shower room, a separate glass-door toilet and a large bath tub, in addition to a large walk-in wardrobe.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Large bath and bathroom area.
Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Sofa-bed in the bedroom

On one side was the in-room small pantry with tea, coffee and a fridge full of goodies in the living room and I was pleasantly surprised to find an iPhone dock at the work station. In the bedroom, there was a large comfortable circular sofa-bed where a couple can put their foot up while watching TV. This was the first place where I crashed after checking in and was my favourite place in the room when I was not sleeping. 🙂

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
A smaller gingerbread house at Monarch Restaurant

DINING: There are in all four options for libations and gastronomy. Our own favourite was the Monarch where we had all our breakfasts and a couple of meals too. Saurabh, the Manager, made sure we got to taste the whole fare, whether we had place in our respective tummies or not, was not his lookout. I recently said a lot about Rajasthani hospitality. 🙂 🙂

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Monarch Restaurant at Holiday Inn Jaipur

From the staple Dal, bati churma to ker-sangri to gatte-ki-sabzi to Laal Maas (which I did not try) to…so on and so forth. Of course, there were so many other stuff like special tikkis, pooris and paranthas. Courses after courses, Meals after meals, what a finger licking experience.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Chow time! An example of what we ate during our stay in the two restaurants.

Chao Chinese Bistro, is more like a Pan Asian, predominantly serving Chinese and related cuisine. For dinner, we chose a low-lit area, with ceiling high glass walls with a view outside. There was an option of a la carte and buffet and we chose a bit of both :). The starter with eight different kinds of momos set our tummies rumbling for more. After couple of more starters like crispy vegetables and chicken we were served some of their innovations such as Chilli Lemongrass Paneer, which was just marvellous and so was the spicy Green Thai curry to go with noodles, rice or bread. I had two helpings of the extra tasty flat noodles.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
More Chow time! More examples of what we ate during our stay in the two restaurants. ! !

There is also the classy looking lounge bar, Ten Kings, where the salient feature is that there is no music and one can have a peaceful drink or conversation or pick up a book from the collection on the shelf and retire with a drink. There is also an American style resto-bar, playing music in full blast, called the Road House Restaurant. You can take your pick!

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Compact Gymnasium

WELLNESS: The roof top open-to-sky swimming pool is large enough and private enough from prying eyes and I am almost sure that one can order drinks and food here but I am not too sure. The Gym on the seventh floor is a bit small for a hotel of this size but the few times I went, I had it to myself so that’s not too bad.

holiday inn city centre jaipur
Roof top swimming pool

GENERAL: For IHG members, wired internet and Wi-Fi is free. We found, being completely net-connected, that the performance was quite satisfactory throughout the property.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
A nice sitting area on the second level.

On the second level, there is large lounge which has been specially created for all the guests and avoid the crowds at the main lounge in the lobby that also serves as a meet up place for groups before they embark on executing their day’s plans.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Sitting area on the second level

Gagandeep is the GM under whom this hotel thrives and one can see his passion for hospitality is contagious and runs through the vein of the staff members. He mentioned that, it was also possible to order food and beverages here, away from the hustle and bustle. He also mentioned that this has been certified as an IHG Green Engage hotel, meaning that it is part of world environment sustainability effort.

Holiday Inn 22 Godam Circle City Centre Jaipur
Huge Gingerbread house in the reception area

He mentioned another unique concept called “Kids stay and eat free” that is, Kids sharing parents’ room and who are under the age of 12 eat free at any time of the day! This is a feature at all Holiday Inn Hotels around the world. Oh! How I wish I was under 12 again. 😉 🙂

30 thoughts on “A five star inn in Jaipur City Centre”

    1. Even I liked the idea for treating children differently. They feel hungry quite often and eat very little in one go. The hotel has made sure to make them smile. 🙂

  1. Great hotel, I was in Jaipur and on to the camel races in 2016 but sadly not in quite as good a digs as you had. I hope you took the time to get out of all the splendor and visit the Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and Palace in the Lake. Having traveled since 1999 and into our 3rd year on this trip we could never stay in hotels like this but I know it is great when you can.

    1. Yes, we could visit all the palaces you have mentioned here. 😀 I am amazed that you remember the names.
      I also could not have afforded but they invited us. 🙂

  2. I went to Jaipur years ago but only for a day visit from New Delhi, I have always been wanting to go back and explore even more. This looks like an amazing hotel and I would definitely consider staying here in the future, just beautiful. I especially love the pool on the roof top

  3. Wow! This property looks amazing. I love the huge gingerbread house. I’ve always loved making gingerbread houses during the holidays. The room looks huge and the decor is fabulous.

  4. It looks like you had a terrific stay at this hotel. I love all the Christmas decorations! The big gingerbread houses are really impressive. And the food looks completely yummy!

  5. Wow – talk about luxury. I can’t believe those gingerbread houses – they make the ones we make look sad by comparison. I think our kids would go crazy for them. Very impressive accommodations 🙂

  6. Everything looks so wonderful. I love the sofa bed in the room! The gingerbread house is extraordinary as well. The restaurant Monarch looks so fab and it is so convenient. I love when a hotel has a great restaurant you can rely on in a pinch! And the pool!. I am dreaming of swimming days.

  7. This definitely looks amazing! I never think of a Holiday Inn as a 5-star hotel, but this looks really nice. It’s much nicer than the places I typically stay, but could be a nice splurge for a special occasion.

  8. This place looks incredible! I can´t believe it´s a Holiday Inn! I love the sitting area on the 2nd floor. It looks like the perfect spot to sit and take in a good book. Oh, and that bathroom! I´d never want to leave.

  9. Holy moly!! It looks so beautiful. If you would’ve told me it’s another hotel I would’ve believed you, but I cannot believe Holiday Inn has such incredible rooms and hotels. It must’ve been incredible to stay there.

  10. Wow this hotel looks amazing. I love all the amenities it provides. What really piques my interest is that this hotel has four restaurants! It’s like you never need to leave 🙂

  11. The Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre is considered to be one of the most impressive and elegant meeting hotels in Jaipur with all the advanced facilities. The meeting rooms are quite spacious and can accommodate a good number of guests.

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