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The year that was.. 2009

The year 2009 is gone. It was satisfying as far as travel is concerned. Except for one or two, all places were new to me. Not many to count but observed and learnt a lot during the course.
And all these trips were personal trips, not work related.

It was Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule to begin with. Temples, forts and beaches greeted us with stories of their own.

Then it was Bangaluru. solo trip. Somehow I felt more uncomfortable in going

around in Bangaluru than any other south Indian cities.

Glass house… next time I’ll go during flower show

Chennai happened after that. Chennai has a special place. Also, local food and shopping for silk sarees never ceases there. 😀

With Chennai, it was Puducherry, the French town.

Then in summers it was again a solo 3 day trip to Hyderabad, my first to the city. I stayed in a hotel opposite railway station and had glorious time walking along the lake, negotiating with the autowalas and arguing with saviours of women.

In the end, last week there was a whirlwind trip to Delhi. Hopes for some more places could not materialize for various reasons.

Red Fort with tricolor at the top.. 😀

Besides these Indian places, two more countries were added. Mauritius and Malaysia.

Spending 5 days in Mauritius was awesome. If you go by time difference then it’s only 1:30 hours away from India but it took more than 18 hours to reach !

The flight was via Dubai with a long waiting period. Having already seen beautiful Dubai city, there was no charm in staying inside the airport this time.


In October it was Malaysia for a 12 day trip. I coaxed and sometimes forced V to do some unusual things, one example… staying in a dorm. 😛
Otherwise we both like trying local cuisines and transports and exploring places on foot.

Famous Petronas

I wish our new year 2010 is filled with more travel.
So, that was my travel story. What was yours ?

P.S.- I think I am forgetting some more places. I’ll add them as & when I remember. 😀

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25 thoughts on “The year that was.. 2009”

  1. Hi Nisha,
    I love reading these posts and discovering that there are a lot more people like me who travel a lot! Makes me justify my trips to the husband:)

    That was one long list you have up there. Did you blog about Mauritius? Maldives and Mauritius are on my list to visit!

    Since we both live in Mumbai, I hope to meet you some time. Have a fantastic new year!

  2. I keep missing your posts because I don’t use Reader that often, so I added you to my blog list. That is showing your post on swine flu!! Anything I should do to make it show the latest post?

  3. i am not surprised that bengaluru made u most un-comfortable – though its known to be the most cosmopolitan south indian city. ‘arguing with saviours of women’ in hyderabad? that sounds interesting 🙂 have u written abt it?

    wish u a very happy new year and a travel filled 2010 🙂

  4. Vamsee,
    Wish you a very travel filled year ahead.

    You have been traveling places too ! 🙂

    No, till now I haven’t got chance to write about Mauritius. Should do so sometime.
    As regards, the blog list thing. I have no idea how it works. Can you see the latest post now ?
    Or else, you can try to add it again either directly or thru given options on right sidebar and see?

    Let me know.

  5. Sandeep,
    First, I would like to know what’s correct spelling of new name for Bangalore? Bangaluru or Bengaluru? I checked on net & it seems both are used. 🙂

    No, I haven’t written anything about Hyderabad trip. Have to do that as well. 🙂 It was interesting & intriguing. 😀

  6. That’s a lot of travel for one year! All your pictures are great, but I like the hyderabad one the best. Always wanted to go to Mauritius. It must’ve been awesome! Happy new year.

  7. Hi Nisha! Happy New Year!!

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter has reached 500 posts on all blogs with some views of «La Petite France, Strasbourg», truly missing your comments! Enjoy and have a first great week in 2010!!!

  8. What I’ve seen is Bengaluru, but its still not approved by the central govt and is officially still Bangalore. Apparently, even Bengalooru is used in some maps and all that. Its surely pronounced as either bengaluru or bengalooru and not bangaluru. I took the pains to change all appearances of Bangalore to Bengaluru 6 months back and then realized that ‘bengaluru’ is not yet approved 🙁 So I’d suggest that u continue using Bangalore and change it only when the new name is official

  9. Oh I just loved every single picture you took!! Thanks for putting up the one of the red fort- oh my- brought back such great memories of their light show….do they still have the light show there?

    Happy New Year- have lots of travels this year so I can enjoy them vicariously!!

  10. Zhu,
    Wish you the same. Let’s see what this year brings for us.

    I am not getting time to write anything. For Mauritius I have a few videos as well. 🙂

    Thank you.

  11. Bindu,
    Happy new year to you too.
    Yes, it was a travel filled year. I am hoping the same for this year too. 🙂

    Wish you the same. And I saw it.

  12. Sandeep,
    It is very confusing for us. But now to use Bangalore also looks confusing to me. 🙂
    Anyways, as you suggested I’ll stick to it.

    Thank you & wish you the same.

  13. Anjuli,
    Thank you.

    Yes, they still have the light & sound show in the evenings. Such fun it was in those days. 😀

    Yes, of course ! I am waiting for that opportunity. 🙂

    This trip was before I started writing here and after that only V is visiting Chennai. And sometimes he obliges me with my shopping list.

  14. Sudhir,
    Well, now I don’t really remember the details but I think it was general feeling to go around alone. I felt Chennai or even Trivandrum was much safer.

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