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Bubbling Lake in Goa

Have you been here before? I am sure, you haven’t.

Once you are through with the beautiful beaches of Goa, a visit to the bubbling lake could be a change from the sun. Though Budbud Talli, as it is known locally, is called a lake, its small size suggests a tank.

bubbling lake goa

Bubbling lake is more a tank than a lake..

Deep inside the lush green forests that border Karnataka, is a temple in Netrawali dedicated to Lord Gopinath. By its side is a kund (tank) that releases bubbles every so often. The cab driver asks me to clap my hands. When I do that I see the bubbling activity increased. The louder I clap, the more bubbles rise to the surface making concentric circles.

bubbling lake goa

Bubbles coming to surface & the fishes swimming away. 🙂

There maybe scientific reasons but they are not so fascinating. 🙂 Considered sacred by the locals, the Bubble Lake has several lores attached to it. One of the myth has it that there is a sleeping demon under the tank and whenever we make noises, his breathing quickens and hence the bubbles! Another lore believes that the resident deities were magical, and so this pool also has magical bubbles.
However, according to scientists, the bubbles can be caused by sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, limestone or methane. How boring! I think I’ll go by the legends. 😀

bubbling lake goa

Another view. Surroundings are lush green after the monsoon.

The water is clear and one can see plants at the bottom and also lot of fishes. The driver was adventurous enough to fill up his water bottle and drink it. Upon his saying it is potable, I too had a mouthful and I am still alive!

Do include this magical bubble lake in your itinerary next time you visit Goa.

Tips- Not many people know about this lake & no proper sign boards to direct you. Ask for Netrawali & once you reach Netrawali, ask the locals for the Gopinath temple. This tank is in the temple complex. Take a cab or your own vehicle. I don’t think any bus goes there.

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