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A blank sky

I was here just three days back.

Clouds hovering over hills, announcing the arrival of monsoons. The sky looked so beautiful until…..

the clouds slowly engulfed the whole environment…. and after sometime this is what I see or can not see.

On days when it is difficult to capture the sun, I feel contented to click some ‘blank skies’. 🙂

I came here with V for some hiking and to say, I just liked it, would be an understatement. It is not our first visit to this hill station and we love it whenever we come here. Matheran is a beautiful hill station, just a few hours away by train. Please remember, you can not take your vehicle till the top if you are coming by road.

P.S.- Except for my Facebook fan page followers nobody knows where I was. Can you make a guess ?

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12 thoughts on “A blank sky”

  1. Well, monsoons… so somewhere in Asia and in the highlands! Yeah, I know, it’s an easy guess! Can’t narrow it down though.

    The view is lovely.

  2. Hi Nisha! With the long weekend here in Lisbon (four days off…), I finally manage to stroll around Blogosphere…
    It looks great, but I don’t know where it is… 😉

    Blogtrotter Two is waitinf for you in some beautiful villages… Enjoy and have a splendid week ahead!!

  3. Hi Nisha,

    Many moons ago (last year Aug I think) I stumbled upon your website & dropped you a note, before I took off to US for a month long solo trip (did Boston, NY, Washington, LA, Las Vegas & San Francisco)

    Now am in Mumbai on work for a few months & while researching for weekend break options I bumped in here again…

    Could I ask you for some help – I want to head to Matheran in the Aug 15th long weekend…could you help me with some pointers on best place to stay/to do etc…& if at all its safe to go solo there?


  4. @Sowmya,
    Yes, I do remember you. And I am glad you landed here again. 🙂

    August is lean period so you’ll get hotels easily. The best & costliest is Byke hotel. Another good one is Regal hotel. I have stayed in both of them. If you want something on the market street, go for Richie Rich.
    Matheran is a small place & very safe for solo trip.

    I would have loved to reply you in detail but I am in train right now travelling to Himalayas. I request you to go thru my posts on Matheran here to have an idea.

    Do let me know if you need any more info. I’ll be glad if you could write a guest post of your experience for me. 🙂

    Meanwhile, you can become a fan of my Travel page on Facebook to get updates. 🙂

  5. @Nisha

    Thanks a lot for those tips…will be back if I need more later 🙂

    And thanks for inviting me for a guest post…would love to do so!

    And hope you have a fabulous trip thru the Himalayas (wee bit envious :))

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