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Stanley Market Hong Kong: 1 of the Best

stanley market road sign yellow building hong kong

Ladies market, night market, flower market, cloths market and so on. We had heard of markets in Hong Kong being called by many names but Stanley market Hong Kong was not one of them!

stanley market hong kong

Before visiting, we had made a list of street markets in Hong Kong to visit. Most were not far from each other in Kowloon, but Stanley market in Hong Kong was the odd man out. Our plan was, if we have some spare time we will visit this place. However, the intrigue of the name was so much that it was almost the very first market we visited.

You don’t come to Stanley only for the shopping, though that’s a big part of the visit, but just getting there is lot of the fun.

stanley market hong kong

Stanley Market Hong Kong

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Stanley Market is one of the must-go places for tourists when they visit Hong Kong. Stanley market is a typical example of a traditional old open-air market in Hong Kong. However, there are several newer residential areas in the Stanley District. Many westerners live here. The place has school, church and of course the market!

This busy market has always attracted people. You will find innumerable number of small shops and kiosks spread like a lattice network selling silk garments, sportswear, luggage things, paintings, art, toys, crockery, Chinese costume & jewelry and souvenirs and much more. The place could be called a bit touristy because of presence of the westerners but the locals also frequent this market place.

There is also Stanley plaza. A few turns this way and that way, we reached the water front lined with bars and restaurants. All crowded and filled with tourists to the brim. We spent some time in the only bar showing some Cricket matches.

A nice lunch at one of the many restaurants here, after your shopping is a good idea to spend your day. You may also visit some other attractions which are mentioned below in this article.

Plan your trip to Stanley Market

There are many things to see at Stanley and its surroundings besides the famous market. So the best time to be in the area is around 10-10:30 AM. If you plan your day carefully then you’d be able to make the most out of your day. By 10 AM, most of the shops are open and the business begins.

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Stanley market is not as crowded as the Ladies market or Temple Street market, so it’s easy to plan your day. Stanley Plaza, the beach, promenade, Murray House and other attractions can be reached by walking through the market. We advise you to have a quick look at the market first and decide how much time you require for your shopping. Depending on that you can visit other attractions in the Stanley area of Hong Kong.

The boathouse at hong kong Stanley market

History of Stanley Market Hong Kong

Stanley market is situated in a far southern village in the Hong Kong island, called, you guessed it, Stanley. 😀

The original coastal Chinese village named Chek Chue Tsuen is now known as Stanley. It is a popular tourist attraction and finds its place in guide to Hong Kong.

The legend behind the original Chak Chue name is that the notorious pirate Cheung Po Tsai was active here. So the district became known as Chak Chue (in Cantonese) meaning  ‘Bandit’s Post’. There was also a Cheung Po Tsai Cave near the Tin Hau Temple but the cave was eventually filled in the early 1950s.

The market grew out of this village. It was given an English name after Lord Stanley (Earl of Derby), British Colonial Secretary at the time of the cession of Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

Stanley was initially the administrative centre, before moving it to Victoria City. Present-day Stanley Fort was where British and Canadian troops mounted a last stand during the Battle of Hong Kong before surrendering to Japanese forces during the war in 1941.

Stanley was once a major fishing port, a prosperous and important small town. It has been inhabited for hundreds of years and has its share of temples which are well worth a visit.

One needs at least half-a-day to be able to come and go as this is definitely not in the standard tourists 3Night-4Day itinerary.  

stanley market hong kong
Stanley market hong kong

3D greeting cards

Stanley market hong kong

What to buy in Stanley Market Hong Kong Island

There is no doubt that Stanley Market Hong Kong is touristy, but the shops are filled with lovely souvenirs and things that make awesome gifts for people back home.  

Is it touristy and pricey? You bet. However, there is scope for bargain and the shopkeepers are open to it. Our bargaining skills in India helped us to bargain for the best prices for some articles that we bought. We especially had fun bargaining for a Disney Suitcase. 😀 

Many of the shops in Stanley Market sell clothing, especially silk garments and traditional Chinese dresses, toys, Mahjong sets, 3D greetings cards, ornaments, luggage, paintings, Chinese arts and crafts besides Hong Kong souvenirs.

It’s also a great place for the kids to shop with their limited money, as there are variety of things for children.

Stanley market hong kong

Hong Kong Souvenir Shopping at Stanley Market

From mobile phone covers, embroidered linen bags, beautiful homewares, to plethora of stationery items including calculators, you’ll find everything here. And yes, touristy T-shirts depicting character of Hong Kong as well.

Reputed brands have their replicas available in Stanley Market here whether it’s traditional clothes or bags or accessories.
Among retro Chinese goods, you can find Chinese hats, lanterns, Feng Shui charms, local Chinese tea and pickles, spices etc.

You can also buy Chinese calligraphy posters with your name drawn on it. Or hand painted and nicely framed posters for your house.

These are a few things which might interest you as souvenirs and gifts from Hong Kong:

  • Chinese linen – embroidered table cloths, tea towels, wine bottle gift bags
  • Chinese silk dresses  
  • Fashion accessories and ornaments
  • Birdcages made from bamboo
  • Very cute Marvel and DC Superhero luggage tags
  • Oriental Knick-knacks
  • Children clothes
  • Replicas of branded items such as sunglasses, purses
  • Chinese hats, lanterns, umbrellas, Feng Shui charms etc.
  • Key-rings and fridge magnets

The kids might like to have things from their own shopping list. There are plenty to choose from, and they start from as low as $3!  

  • 3D greetings cards
  • Stationary items including calculators
  • Battery operated Chinese fans
  • Inexpensive Chinese toys
  • Small torches
  • Beautiful backpacks, bags and shoes.
  • T-shirts with funny/cartoons

Where to eat in Stanley Market Hong Kong

This is a big question lurking in our mind when we visit any place and the same goes with Stanley Market in Hong Kong island.

When it comes to dining and food in Stanley market area, There is plenty to choose from. Stanley has a wide range of dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated, from international to local. The restaurants are varied and they can fit different palates and budgets.

Proximity to beach gives a holiday and leisurely feel to the entire experience and you can choose where to dine. Stanley Plaza is another good place to eat while for kids there’s Pizza Express.  

Stanley has many bars and restaurants on its waterfront along Stanley Main Street. They serve authentic and distinct food to make you feel at home. You’ll also love the cafes here.

The restaurants at Stanley Market have following options besides local authentic food and more:

  • Thai
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Waffles
  • Western food
  • a Beerhall

Best Restaurants at Stanley Market Hong Kong

Your guide to the best restaurants in Stanley Market HK could make you puzzled since there are many options to choose from. 😀

Take your seat at an eatery on the promenade, or at the famous Stanley Plaza, or at Pizza Express or even go to historical Murray House, a 160-year-old restored Victorian-era building.

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These are names of top 10 popular restaurants which will surely make you to return to Stanley Market.

Henry’s Restaurant: Probably the top restaurant in the area, popular among the locals and tourists both. Courteous staff, reasonable price and pleasant ambience.

Stanley restaurant: Very popular with locals and students, it serves mainly Cantonese & Thai fusion food at a very reasonable price.

Pickled Pelican: With a view of Stanley Bay, this offers draught beer, craft beers, wines, cocktails and spirits. The extensive food menu has burgers, pasta, and seafood. For English pub lovers, it’s the best place.

Bubbles & Wines: As the name goes, visit this place for cheese and wines in a cozy and warm place.

Ocean Rock Seafood & Tapas (formerly Mijas Spanish Restaurant): As the name suggests, this waterfront restaurant serves fresh seafood and western cuisine. Tapas and grilled seafood platter are must eats.

Classified: It serves fresh coffee and all-day breakfast, salads, pastas, noodles, and more. They also have vegan and vegetarian food.

Beef & Liberty: This popular burger joint has burgers, hot dog, and varied starters.  For plant-based food, its Leaves & Liberty has vegan buns and vegetarian options.

Pane e Latte: Delicious all-day brunch items and plentiful of ice cream.

Si Yik: This hidden gem is behind stalls in the Stanley Market. It has famous Hong Kong-style French toast, milk tea and instant noodles.

Pizza Express: A kid friendly place for your quest of well-made pizzas and pastas.

How to get to Stanley Market Hong Kong

scenic bus route to stanley market hong kong

Stanley market is situated in Hong Kong island in the south. So the transport options are limited.

A quick research told us that the only way to reach Stanley Market is actually by road. There is no MTR connection. We decided to take the double-Decker bus from Central Bus Terminus in Exchange Square. We checked our Octopus cards and boarded the bus number 6A. The other bus numbers are 6X, 66 and 260. These buses are comfortable and air-conditioned.

I think this was one of the best decisions, as we had the best view of the streets of HK and at the fraction of the cost. At places, it seemed as if we could reach out and shake hands with the people living in the buildings along the narrow streets. Eventually the bus dropped us off at Stanley Bus Stop which is just outside the market area. It took us around an hour to reach the place. 

So, to visit Stanley market, the transport options are :

By Taxi: If you are short on time, take a taxi to Stanley market. It’ll cut the time to about 40 minutes and drop you at the  entrance of the market.
By Bus: The buses 6, 6A, 6X, 66 and 260 from Central’s Exchange Square bus terminal go to Stanley market. There’s another bus 973 from Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui for Stanley market. You can buy and use your Octopus cards here.

By MTR rail and minibus: Go to Exit F1 of MTR Causeway Bay Station. Go out and take minibus 40 from Jardine‘s Bazaar.
By Green Minibus: Take the AMS Green Minibus #40 from Causeway Bay. It drops directly to Stanley market.

By Aqua Luna (weekends only): Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) the evergreen famous Junk Boat Aqua Luna goes on a 90 minute cruise to Hong Kong Island. Disembark at Stanley. Buy tickets here.

City Tours: Guided city tours are also a great choice to visit Stanley market area. There are many operators but we recommend these. Secure your tickets here.
By HOHO Bus: The Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus also stops at Stanley. Take the Green Route. Purchase your tickets here.

Stanley market bus stop
Stanley Market Hong Kong: 1 of the Best 29

What else to do in Stanley market area

Whether it is open air shopping or air-conditioned, dining option of sit-down, indoors or at the beach, attractions such as Murray House, temples and the park and Plaza, you have variety of activities at Stanley.

As there are many things to see at Stanley and almost all of them to be enjoyed in the daytime, we suggest you to reach there no later than 10:30-11:00 AM. All the shops are open by that time and you can choose what to do in Stanley Market area first.

Besides shopping at Stanley market, you can visit a number of places. Stanley Plaza which is well integrated with the Stanley Main Street waterfront and historic Murray House, hosts Starbucks, McDonald’s, a nice supermarket, range of shops and many Asian and western restaurants in an air-conditioned environment.

The beach, promenade, the colonial Murray House and other places that you would want to see can be reached by walking through the market itself. From Stanley Plaza one can also visit Tin Hau Temple and Stanley Ma Hang Park.

When you walk past the market, pass the restaurants to go up to Murray House. This path will also take you to the beach, Stanley Plaza and small Tai Wong temple. Across the Plaza square is Tin Hau Temple.

You might be interested to check out the Lover’s Terrace and a distant Blake Pier. They offer great views.

Blake Pier at stanley market hong kong
Blake Pier at Stanley Pic courtesy: Wikipedia
Tai wong temple at stanley market hong kong

Where to stay in Stanley Market area

Although Hong Kong is very popular with tourists from across the world, there are not many good hotels to stay near Stanley Market itself. However, there are a few choices which you may want to explore in this part of Hong Kong.

The best hotel in Stanley market area is Stanley Oriental Hotel. It has an excellent view of the harbour. It also makes a great choice since it is very close to the market.

Check out these options for accommodation to suit your budget and comforts

Tips on Stanley Market

1. One needs at least 2-3 hours to be able to come and go as this is definitely not in the
standard tourists 3N4D map. Plan accordingly.
2. No metro or MTR but a bus will take you there. You can purchase and use your Octopus cards.
3. Don’t forget to use your bargaining skills, as haggling is common and can lead to successful deals. Bargain hard, you’ll have success. 😀

FAQs on Stanley Market

What is Stanley market known for?

stanley market hong kong

Grew out of Chek Chu Tsuen village, Stanley market has become popular among tourists and locals both. Many of the shops in Stanley Market sell Hong Kong souvenirs, Chinese toys, ornaments, T-shirts, luggage, paintings, and Chinese arts and crafts. This market is famous for clothing also, both silk garments and traditional Chinese dresses. It also has historical Murray House besides other attractions.

What to buy in Stanley Hong Kong?

You can buy Hong Kong souvenirs, Chinese toys, ornaments, T-shirts, luggage, paintings, caricatures, Chinese arts and crafts. This market is famous for clothing also, both silk garments and traditional Chinese dresses.
You can find replicas of branded items here such as sunshades, bags and purses etc.

Stanley Market Hong Kong opening hours?

Stanley Market is open every day from 10:00am – 7:00pm. But few shops, especially restaurants and cafes are open till late.

Is Stanley Market worth visiting?

Stanley Market is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong. The shop keepers are more friendly than those from other markets. Many of the shops sell different kinds of souvenirs besides silk clothes, beautiful crockery, luggage items, paintings, wooden and paper arts etc. Historical Murray House from Victoria era is also located here.
With beach and promenade, Stanley market is more for a leisure holiday.

What is the famous market in Hong Kong?

Temple Street night market is one of the most bustling markets in Hong Kong. It is famous for everything from watches to footwear to clothes. You can shop here traditional Chinese medicines. And electronics, second-hand goods like pirated DVDs at unbelievable prices.

What is the oldest market in Hong Kong?

Western Market came into business in September 1844 and hence probably the oldest. Western Market later consisted of two separate blocks: South Block (demolished) and North Block (the current Western Market).

Other attractions in Hong Kong

Other attractions in Hong Kong are:

Check out which one of these suits you for tickets for Disneyland Park. If you are planning to visit on multiple days, we suggest to book with Klook.

Reserve your tickets with Klook or with Get Your Guide.

Best would be to buy Hong Kong Pass to explore the city at your convenience. You can also get HK$100 cash voucher to be used at one of over 140 selected restaurants, shops.

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