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SKY100 – We hit a century again!

There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.
— Jascha Heifetz

We get down at the Kowloon MTR station and follow the signs for Sky100. It appears that we are in the huge Elements Mall, housing World’s premium outlets like Prada, Gucci and the likes.


Only yesterday, from the peak we had observed 2 towering towers, almost similar to each other, on either side of the water way, much like 2 enormous pillars marking the entry to the city of lights, Hong Kong. The one on Kowloon side is taller and houses the observation deck at its 100th floor as is aptly named Sky100.

We’ve been to a few other 100+ club members such as Twin Towers (erstwhile) in NY, Empire State Building and Taipei 101 in Taipei. Sometimes it appears that people are taking easy way out for naming these towers. 😀

A couple of others in the 100+ club we have seen from the outside. For example the ICC tower is 118 floors high and houses the super luxury hotel Ritz Carlton from 102nd floor upwards! 101st has a fine dining restaurant, Sky Dining 101.


Ah, there is the ticketing hall across the Time Tunnel with special effects using bright LED lights. The time is 11:00 AM and we see a board saying that a section of Sky100 will be blocked for some private party from 3:00 PM onwards.

We are in luck. Ticket price for an adult is HKD 168.

There is a quick security check and we go past the turnstile where a young hostess, smartly attired in an ethnic uniform takes charge of us and leads us to one of the 4 elevators. The tower is completely full of offices there are 40+ elevators in all to access different parts of the tower.

There is TV screen which shows the altitude gained and the floor number. In flat 60 seconds we are at 100th floor at 393 metres!! Yes, we have a video to prove that!


Beautiful views of HK greets us as we step out of the lift. Views and directions are well marked and there are telescopes too. These advanced telescopes are equipped with 4 different built-in viewing modes, sharing magnificent Hong Kong views at different times and in different environments. We use our super zoom camera for the purpose. 🙂

This is a parking area where ships & boats are parked in case there is a chance of a storm.


On one side we see a road that just disappears under the sea only to emerge on the other side at HK Island.


There is one small area where there is a bar counter and bar stools all facing out but you can use these transparent chairs only when you buy something from the bar-café behind. Of course Wi-Fi will be free. We are told that spectacular views of sunset can be had from here.
Well, not so early in the morning definitely. 😛


According to me the best view of Victoria Harbor and the financial district can be had from here in one place.


Sky High 3D is quite enjoyable where the visitors can stand on the 3D paintings and click photos that provides some interesting perspectives. It features Hong Kong’s highest building, International Commerce Centre, the iconic Bruce Lee, and a nostalgic Cantonese café Cha Chaan Teng.
Cha Chaan Teng (tea restaurant) which depicts Hong Kong’s typical local culinary culture. These restaurants have very low price, quick service and a mix of local cuisine with western style food.
Do you believe this is a 3D restaurant? But that woman with her daughter are for real and just getting photographed there.

The photo booth at another section enables visitors to take pictures of themselves with choicest background. You can also get a SMS or eMail of a customized tour schedule when you use Interactive Itinerary Planner.


Truly a 360 degrees experience of uncluttered view of Hong Kong. There is also one of kind sunken 3D model of Hong Kong covered by glass so that you can actually walk over it.

Does it offer a better view than the Peak? I can only say it offers a different view and both are fantastic. Plus point in Sky100 is that it is never very crowded like the Peak!

We decide to leave after spending an hour viewing, enjoying, clicking photos. Of course there is no time limit. In fact the best time would be to reach before sunset and return after dark when the glorious lights of HK come on.

You can see more pictures of SKY100 here on our Facebook.

Traveling Tips-
1.– It is cheaper to book online beforehand. Also enquire to make sure the observation deck is not booked for some private party!
2.– Make sure you go on a sunny day other wise the famous fogs of HK will spoil your views.
3.– On the other hand, if the weather is bad or turns bad and you cannot enjoy the views, Sky100 will give you a free pass for you to return another day. Isn’t it great? 😀

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31 thoughts on “SKY100 – We hit a century again!”

  1. Madam there is a Carnival in Western Odisha called “Sital Sasthi”.The place where it celebrated is called Sambalpur. I want you should make a topic on your blog about this Mega Carnival.This is being celebrated more than 100 years by the people.Artist from all over India came here to participate.This should reach the international audience so that tourist and art lover should came here once in a lifetime to have a nice experience.I have made some video on this.Kindly have a look.

  2. Ashish,

    Saw the video. Fantastic !!

    I would have loved to write about such cultural carnivals. Unfortunately I do not like to write if I have not seen or experienced it.

    I would request you to create an opportunity for me to travel there. 🙂

    Your video is awesome. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I lived in HK for about 7 months and never knew about this. I love all the different photo opportunities 🙂 Great tip about going on a sunny day, cuz those HK fogs are really bad!

  4. The 100th floor in just a minute! Man, that’s so quick! I loved the picture where the views show the roads leading to the ocean. simply gorgeous! Great to know that we can come back if the weather is bad. It must have been an awesome experience! 🙂

  5. I love finding awesome views wherever I am – this indeed looks pretty awesome! Great point about getting there before sunset, and watching the lights come on – you get the best of both worlds then!

  6. I love how excited you are about this 100+ club. I actually have never heard of it or thought about it. Hm, I wonder if I have even be on top of a building over 100 stories (?). I am not so great with heights so I think I would stand back from the ledge but the views look amazing. And your photos are so cute!

  7. I wasn’t able to see this tower way back during my visit in Hong Kong. What I always like about Hong Kong is the beautiful high rise buildings occupying the whole City. You just brought back the memories I had in Hong Kong during my visit. Thank you so much for sharing! I am actually planning to go back and hopefully, I’ll be able to visit this.

  8. Sky100 looks fascinating. Now I know what we missed when we were in HK last year. As we had a packed itinerary, we skipped this and went to the Peak, which too does have great views plus the added attraction of riding on the historic funicular. But this one has a different perspective and hopefully we will get there next time.

  9. I’ve never heard of Sky100 before! This sounds amazing, especially since I hate crowds but LOVE a good skyline view.

  10. Stella the Travelerette

    This seems like an amazing place to visit! Your photos of the views are incredible! And you are right the say the restaurant doesn’t look 3D. I wonder why the photos came out that way…

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