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Why I chose to teach in Cambodia

Why I chose to teach in Cambodia

Sometimes selecting type of volunteer work can be very interesting and of course, challenging. 🙂
You should go for a program what you like to do, or can do as per your profession, hobby or condition of physical health.

When I went to Cambodia for volunteering, I had a few choices as well.

My first choice was to work for a women’s home in eastern Cambodia where sexually abused women & girls were housed but there were a couple of hitches. First, it was my first time with that NGO. Being a sensitive issue, they wanted someone who had already worked for them. Second, they needed at least six month’s commitment from me which was not possible at that time.

A few other options were suggested to me by the NGO with whom I had tied up. Some of them were beyond my capacity. Had I opted for them, it would have been a hilarious disaster for both the parties. 😀
Here are some of them.

That’s me teaching and the regular teacher translating it to the children.

One was teaching football to school boys while you also speak a few words of English. The idea was to teach them both… football and non-bookish day to day English. You must be kidding, I said. I actually had a hearty laugh when I’d read that mail. 😀 I must admit here, I don’t even know how many players form a football team!

Teaching guitar to street boys, who, in all probability won’t speak English. Guitar ? Errr listening and playing an instrument are two very different things I guess. I had to politely decline this musical offer too.

Taking care of wild elephants.
I knew it ! I knew it was coming to me sooner or later. Since both Thailand & Cambodia want to protect their dear elephants, there are plenty of opportunities in the wild. Anyone interested? I would happily put your case forward. 😀
Well, I like elephants only in photos and at most I can say Hi to them if they are at a distance. I am a very domesticated person myself and given the choice, would like to spend time with only human beings. Bathing and feeding elephants is not my cup of tea, really! 😀

And so, slowly the only remaining option available to me was teaching in a govt school. The school curriculum had two subjects for which they were always looking for some volunteers even though it had two regular teachers especially dedicated for. Why? Because those two awesome teachers found it difficult to cope up with the workload and to teach the students beyond bookish knowledge.

Thanks to all of these factors (NGO, oh so attractive programs and the teachers at school), I got to meet & know so many beautiful kids, one of whom was Lheang.

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13 thoughts on “Why I chose to teach in Cambodia”

  1. It was quite interesting to read about the options that were offered. Would have never imagined these!! I guess different places, different people have such different ways of living. It is so good that you reached out to find out.

  2. Given those options I agree with your choice of teaching in schools and this is what probably I’d have done too. The elephant thing sounds exotic though! You are being a true blue human. Carry on the good work.

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