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Street food of Cambodia

Picture of the moment: Street food in Siem Reap
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my world.

While strolling on the roads of Siem Reap, it is a common sight to see beef and other animals being barbecued for your dinner. You can eat there itself or get it packed for home.

Would you like to have some ? 😀

I suggest, you eat there so you can select pieces/ portions of pork, beef, snakes, frogs etc. Also, there is nothing like eating in the open surrounded by fumes and aromas of such BBQs. 😛

Do not forget to tell me how your meal was. 🙂
Location:- Siem Reap.

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9 thoughts on “Street food of Cambodia”

  1. Suranga,
    It was nice of you to write a poem on it. Thank you very much.

    You haven’t read the post. Have you? 🙂

    I also do not know but as a traveller, I show things about my world, my experiences whether they are good or bad.
    And that’s how this series is named as “Picture of the moment”.

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