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Tunisia for adventure lovers

Tunisia for adventure lovers

You may enjoy a hopping off point for day-trippers, but Tunisia has a lot to offer those who travel to the country in the hope of experiencing something new.
While adventure sports like parasailing, banana boats, desert dune buggies are all very much on the menu, there are some alternative adventures that are quite specific to this exciting country, too.

Paint the town red, and green, and blue… in Hammamet
This idyllic coastal town has everything you need from a resort; white-washed buildings that reflect the sun’s beams, a shambling, quirky Medina and glorious sandy beaches. While it’s likely you’ll be staying in an all-inclusive hotel, there is still plenty of adventure to be discovered before you get too pampered.
If you’re competitive, settle your supremacy once and for all at Zizou Paintball Park, where you can pretend to be in your very own blockbuster action movie; firing rainbows at your travel companions like Rambo in a Skittles factory. Probably.

All aboard in Metlaoui
Whisk across the desert aboard the Red Lizard Train, a hulking metal monster that looks like an elaborate prop from a cowboy movie. A unique landscape of craggy red desert, steep hillsides and towering canyons awaits, and the train (which takes a couple of hours) will stop every so often for its passengers to disembark and take pictures.
Once the mode of transport of royalty, you won’t need your own treasury to afford a ticket on this four carriage engine. Frankly, First Choice offers some great deals on flights and hotels to the region, meaning there’s no excuse not to visit this exciting country!

Ship out to the Sahara
Although it’s all been done before, there’s a good reason why. If you can, opt for camels rather than a 4×4 for a more traditional, authentic experience; make sure your guide is well-reviewed.
You’ll dress like a local, lie under a star-strewn desert sky at night and sail across a dreamlike landscape of shifting sands. Book at least a couple of days on this adventure of a lifetime, and it will be one you’ll never forget. 🙂

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